Was it really a good idea to book tickets for an outdoor concert slap in the middle of one of the wettest Junes on record? Probably not and as we approached Belton Park under grey skies and squally showers there was increasing trepidation that the forecast drier and brighter evening might not appear. We topped up the picnic basket with waterproofs and headed out towards the stage – was that a hint of brightness in the western sky? It appeared not as another squally shower whipped through, causing a flurry of umbrellas and coats like some sort of water repelling Mexican Wave.This turned out to be the last of the precipitation though and as the picnic hamper was cracked open the brightness was definitely there and growing.

The mighty Mr Minchin took to the stage with a full band and brass section just after 8.00pm and I do believe there was even a hint of (not very warm) sunshine by then.Don't call him ginger (unless you're ginger)

For the next 100 odd minutes we were treated to as much wit and intelligence as a body can sensibly deal with. From the self deprecating “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd” opener through the joys of Predjudice, Cont, If You Really Loved Me, Confession, Cheese and Darkside the time flew by. Inter-song banter was largely kept to a minimum so that we “can dance to keep warm” although the loony, purple haired heckler and the potential baby stealing woman did receive special attention from the stage.

All in all it was a truly outstanding night from one of the the wittiest performers out there and highly recommended if you get the opportunity.

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