As the final episode of Breaking Bad approaches there is a huge amount of speculation on what those last 50 minutes will contain for the Everyman gone bad, Walter White. These are my thoughts, for what they’re worth.

I’d have to say that I don’t think Walt has made much of an appearance in the last series at all, rather we have seen him completely taken over by Heisenberg. Rather sentimentally I’d like to see that reversed before the final curtain. I believe that somewhere, deep down inside their shared body, Walt is finally fighting back, hoping to make things as right as he can before his demise, be it through cancer or some more violent means. Walt Jr’s denial of him has, I think, finally woken the decent guy who we met in that very first series who has been buried under the alter ego which he had to develop to protect himself but which he ended up being subsumed by. Now it is time for that mild mannered chemistry teacher to vanquish Heisenberg and right as much as he can of the wrongs he has committed before taking his leave. How he makes that journey is going to be interesting to say the least.

I think that it’s fairly obvious that he will be taking on Jack Welker, Todd and the rest of the crew and that this will be the terminal fire-fight. It wouldn’t be Breaking Bad if he didn’t use ‘science bitch’ to achieve his aims, probably taking the drug factory with them. This will probably need him to free Jesse and at least some of the money in the hope that he can use him as a surrogate to provide for his family. So – Walt cases the joint, takes the ricin to become a literal ‘dead man walking’, pushes Jesse out of the door and goes out in a massive, meth-lab powered fireball, taking the red-neck nazis with him. 24 hours will tell how wrong or right my guesses have been and I’ll probably add a second post after the event to talk about it. Until then; thanks Walt, it’s been one hell of a ride along.


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