Blue Valentine

May 24, 2011

Now here’s a film to polarise opinion. First off, despite the title this is NOT a lovey dovey film. It tells the tale of a couple who are imploding. This implosion is made all the more poignant through the device of flashbacks which show how they came to be together in the first place. It could not be described as an easy watch but it is thought provoking. The subtle playing of the leads is very much warts and all. The characters have flaws that many of us will be familiar with and neither is wholly likable or free of blame in the breakup; indeed in that respect it maybe a little to realistic. I found that I became a detached observer of the action; the characters did not invite me to empathise or take sides, instead the ordinariness of the situation is what made the story, to me, so powerful. Here, laid bare before us, is a situation that thousands go through; there are no platitudes or answers, just an everyman story, simply told.

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