June 14, 2011

Another (not so?) new social/cultural phenomenon for us to worry about. Now that it’s been given a name I’m sure we can expect to see more on the issue.

Why do people play music in public through a phone?

By Alex Hudson BBC News

Teenagers with phone
For many, teenagers playing tinny music to each other on public transport on their mobile phones can be intensely irritating. Why do they do it?

With mobile phones in many a teenager’s pocket, the rise of sodcasting – best described as playing music through a phone in public – has created a noisy problem for a lot of commuters.

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  • elvinhqegs says:

    I’m with you on this one. I hate it!
    My dad is the worst for it!
    With internet on his HTC he just thinks its fine, mid-program or song, to play random songs he finds on his phone. So annoying.

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