UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt calls on companies to cut ties with sites that link to unlawful content.
One of the side-effects of the ‘digital revolution’ has been the inability of many media institutions and legislation to anticipate and react to the phenomenal pace of change within the industry and some of the legal issues which have evolved out of it. This issue is back in the news today and the debate about freedom of information and back-door censoring of the net is not going to be resolved anytime soon.
If you have an interest in this thorny topic can I point you in the direction of Lawrence (Larry) Lessig, an American academicand political activist. He is best known as a proponent of reduced legal restrictions on copyright, trademark and radio frequency spectrum, particularly in technology applications.(Thanks wikipedia).

Twenty minute introduction to a debate in Sao Paulo with Gilberto Gil and others about copyright policy and digital technologies.

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