Real-time Chroma Keying

September 20, 2011

Open evening is almost upon us and the pressure to do something ‘cool’ to show off the wonder that is the Media Studies Department is strong. We’ve done chroma keying (green screening) in the past and it’s normally well received but this year we plan to take it a stage further and do it real-time. Oh yeah, did I mention zero budget?

So I’ve been scanning the web searching for likely software, testing it out for effectiveness and robustness as well as ease of use. With 24 hours until we go live I’ve narrowed it down to two possible candidates:

Chroma Key Live

Chroma Key Live


OR the trial version of…

Veescope Live

Tomorrow after noon I’ll be trialling them in situ in Rm18 so if you’ve read this and want to come along and help/see how it goes/laugh at my trials and tribulations please feel free.

I’ll be following this post up with a ‘how it went’ report later this week.

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